Lease with a Right to Purchase

Are you tired of the rental market but your credit isn't just quite right for a traditional purchase?

Try out our Lease with a Right to Purchase program. 


Step 1 - Apply for the program

If you make a total of $50,000 household income and have at least an average credit score of 600 between you and the adults living in your home then you might be eligible for the program. (No felonies or past evictions allowed.)


step 2 - let us show you houses

Once you are approved for the program, the fun begins! Call or email us and we will set up a time to put together a list of houses to go to look at! The homes we can pick from are homes that are on the current for sale market! 


step 3 - welcome home

Once your home has been purchased you will move into your new home. It will be a true tenant landlord relationship for the first year. At your one year anniversary you can begin to purchase your home or choose to rent it for another year.

Contact us for more information
& for a Link to Apply!

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